Soaring Software is holding a TCMax Training Seminar at the Flamingo in Las Vegas April 17-19 showcasing version 9.7 which includes a complete redesign to the inventory modes within TCMax. Current version 9 users will be able to identify areas of improvement from their current usage and gain an introduction to the new inventory modes while current version 8 users will see the benefits to updating their installations of TCMax to version 9, how to update their software, and the enhancements made to the software before support for version 8 is discontinued.

The TCMax training seminar also allows users to interact with each other to learn the different applications in which TCMax is used across the world. Users are welcome to bring their questions and concerns to the town hall style portion of the training to provide feedback to the creators of TCMax. For a more hands-on experience, attendees are welcome to bring their own laptops and live data in order to ask questions about certain experiences they are having.


Welcome Reception: Evening of April 16th
Training: April 17th-19th

Cost: $1,000/person must be paid 30 days in advance, or $1,200/person if paid after March 16th, 2018

* Required